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February 17th, 2018

Control Civil Services


Control Civil Services cc is a professional consultancy company within the group.  The services that can be provided include engineering, environmental and geotechnical disciplines and these are briefly outlined below.



  • Assistance in the planning and performing of field investigations for various geotechnical and material investigations
  • Projects such as housing projects, centreline investigations for road upgrade or construction, sourcing of material for construction, borrowpit investigations and water related projects.
  • Material related assistance in the form of concrete design, asphalt and surfacing designs
  • Compilation of geotechnical or material reports indicating the various risk, constraints or suitability of materials to be taken into account during the design phase of the projects.



  • Assistance with the Environmental Authorisation and Waste Management License Application Processes with the Department of Environmental Affairs for an array of projects
  • The team has vast experience in mining applications particularly permitting/licensing of borrowpits with the Department of Mineral Resources.



  • Performing ground water protocol investigations to determine the sensitivity of a proposed development with regards to ground water contamination as well as recommending mitigating factors that could be considered in the design phase of projects
  • Petrographic analysis of core samples to identify the chemical composition of rock to be used as hard rock quarries for the construction industry.


With the synergy between these three disciplines, Control Civil Services cc has the capacity to assist our clients in identifying and mitigating risk during the design phase of any civil project.

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