Services Offered

The services we provide and offer are tailored for the individual needs and requirements of all its clients.  Controlab’s projects range from day-to-day construction testing of materials to investigations for borrowpits, centerline, large developments, powerline project, drilling, foundation and housing projects.  We also staff and equip on-site field laboratories for construction projects throughout South Africa and Zambia.

Download our company profile for a scope of all testing undertaken by ourselves.

  • General Testing

    We cover all aspects of laboratory testing from commercial laboratories and on-site testing across Southern Africa with our strength and expertise in:

    • Soil and gravel testing
    • Aggregate testing
    • Asphalt and bitumen/emulsion testing
    • Concrete and masonry testing
    • Concrete mix designs
    • Percolation testing
    • Coring
    • NHBRC classifications of site conditions
    • Field sampling (compaction control, DCP’s, profiling, sample collection)



  • Specialised Testing

    Based on individual requirements, Controlab is further able to offer the following specialised testing:

    • Tri-axial testing
    • Direct shear box testing
    • Consolidometer testing
    • Permeability testing (concrete durability, oxygen permeability)
    • Plate load testing
    • Dispersivity testing (double hydrometer, pinhole and crumb test)
    • Road surface testing
    • Structural testing
    • Geotechnical investigations and reporting
    • Centerline investigations for roads, powerlines, pipelines and services
    • Dam, water supply and works investigations
    • Landfill site investigation

  • Other Services
    • On-site laboratories (equipping and staffing laboratories with full asphalt, concrete, seal, soils and gravel sections)
    • Laboratory staff hire for long term projects (from Senior Site Laboratory Managers through to Assistant Materials Testers)